Welcome! ♥

I’m Devynne – a girl who enjoys sunny days, wild hair, music, photography, cooking, positivity, and so much more. The west coast has been my home my entire life, and I look for any opportunity to travel. Playing piano is a gift of mine and I soak up every second of performances, along with music by artists like Richard Marx and George Michael – my favorite band being the New Kids on the Block.

LITTLEARROWOFSTARS is a journal and lifestyle blog, where I share journal entries from my travels and experiences, and discuss self-care/help motivation to truly focus on improving the positive lifestyle. I started this blog as a “between homework” hobby and found myself loving the outcome of my photography and content, thus motivating me to refer to my blog as my personal diary. My reason for focusing so intensely hard on pursuing a healthy lifestyle is because of my personal experience of slight anxiety and self-doubt, which are not fantastic virtues to possess when you want to live purposefully. My mission statement for this blog is to create positive and aesthetic vibes to further improve motivation in the daily life.

Sit back, relax, and let’s see what trouble we get ourselves into, shall we?