Camping Adventures

August 11, 2017 – Journal


“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” Β – Shanti

I always enjoy the adventure that is camping. To be fully absorbedΒ in nature – away from all the chaos and noise. Just at peace.

I spent the last week at an outdoors camp for my school called Elevation. This course is vigorous as it is tranquil. We stay in a canyon for a week, away from our regular lives and disconnected from the world.

To be completely honest, this past week was kind of difficult to get through.

On the first day, I was completely homesick. Nothing sounded better to me than going home to my family where I was most comfortable and happy. This was crazy to me! I’ve been to this summer camp three times already and not once had I found myself wishing it was over. And this wasn’t because I didn’t like the people or activities around me – I’ve just grown so accustomed to my family that time without them felt unnatural and extremely uncomfortable.

However, once I journaled about it and talked to some of my mentors, I felt more at ease and prepared for the week ahead; even though my body ached to go home.


And the funny thing is that I did really enjoy my time there, just not as much as I expected to. I miss the activities and the people I hung around with and am grateful for the opportunity. But most importantly, I felt a change within me and it was overall extremely rewarding. I discovered that nothing is forever, and when you look back and remember the bad and the good, it just gives you a power and light to move on with.


Challenges like that are there for a reason, you know?


Some of my accomplishments include:

Rock climbing to the top for the first time – which was memorable because I’ve never made it up that far.

Successfully running a full mile – which is something I’ve been working on for this entire year.

Breaking down walls and creating new friendships – most of which surprised me.

Discovering what it is to be independent and to worry about myself and not the opinions of others.


So many amazing things happened that are irreplaceable. While I am glad to be home, something inside me is still itching to go back, which I will, next summer. I learned that the same situations can still be challenging after so many completions. That doesn’t make me a weak or fragile person. Just human.

With peace and LOVE

xx – Devynne


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