How to change your mindset | Tips

July 28, 2017


“The secret to “having it all” is believing you already do.” – Anonymous

Last Monday I shared some tips I’ve picked up about staying positive and I realized that your mindset is a big part of your success. Naturally, I felt the urge to reward this topic its own post. Your mind is the source of all power within your body. Any action you complete is your decision. By choosing the scary and challenging things, we test our capability and exceed beyond our own expectations. We are able to do this because of our current mindset.

Find one positive quote a day

If you couldn’t tell by now, I seriously love quotes. And now that I look back, I became my naturally positive thinking self because of a certain habit I picked up, which was finding one positive quote a day and writing it in my journal. I started to believe that anything was possible and that I could overcome my fears. These quotes formed a new thought process for me – I started to believe that challenges are meant to be conquered. Once you start seeing the positive side in everything, and experience gratitude on a daily basis, you will find the true, HAPPY version of yourself.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Your current mental state can be obtained by the people you surround yourself with. You’ve heard me talk about the Law of Attraction before in Monday’s post, so think of this as similar to that. Negative thinkers saying negative things around you, causing your brain to process negative thoughts… negative, negative, negative. You constantly feel drained over simple conversations because of how disheartening they are. Here, you have a choice. To solve this, I strongly suggest an open conversation with one another.

If this person(s) is continuously putting themselves and others down, then that means that a certain insecurity has developed within the surface. Ask them what they need, but don’t be afraid to tell them what you need, too. Your mental health is just as important as their’s is, so don’t hesitate to include some of your own needs into the conversation.

Obviously, most people aren’t so easily open as others can be, so be patient, but don’t waste your time. If after a while you find them dodging serious conversations or cracking jokes about them, then tell them your reasoning and let them go. Sometimes, relationships just need space, a mutual understanding, and kindness to fully develop into something that works for the both of you.

If you happen to remove yourself from a conflicting relationship (friend, family, romantic, etc.) know that it can be extremely hard – especially if you’ve known each other for quite a while. People can grow apart, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope forever.

Find the lesson

Often during bad experiences, we can’t possibly imagine how it could benefit us, or why it needed to happen in the first place.  I am a strong believer of “everything happens for a reason” so, naturally, finding the good in everything is a way to switch your mindset into a more positive one. I know it’s difficult. There are just some things that seem like they didn’t need to happen at all and that’s okay to consider.

I am not perfect; you are not perfect. We are obviously not going to be the best versions of ourselves 24/7, but by finding gratitude and positive strength during hard times, we can improve ourselves. We can move past it and discover a hidden lesson for future reference. And if you have no idea how to go about this, just tell yourself this: “This experience was painful, but useful for the future, because now I know what to do and how to handle it.”


About two months ago, I was at a week-long camp for my school which provides physical and mental challenges. During one of the challenge days, my pod and I participated in the several activities, including the rappelling station. Since I had rappelled before, I was feeling pretty confident and worry-free. However, as I was heading down, there were some loose rocks on the very edge of the mountain, so, I slipped and fell into the rock hitting my left side and getting my foot caught in a small crack. Once I regained my breath, I un-wedged my foot, got back on the mountain, and went down as planned.

Later that day, I was told by one of my pod mates that he admired how positive and confident I always seemed to be and that it inspired him. He told me that if he would have slipped during rappelling like I did, then he would have considered giving up and not getting back up on his feet. That is when I realized that just a few months ago, I would have considered that, too. But the thing is, I didn’t consider that. The thought never even crossed my mind. And that’s all because of my mindset.

I knew that giving up is never an option, and I definitely felt energy during this semi-terrifying experience. Giving up should never be an option for you either. Always give everything 110%; if it doesn’t work the first time, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’re only a failure if you give up completely. Keep pushing forward positively, and that energy will find its way back to you.

xx – Devynne


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